Freelance Academic Writers Wanted, USA.

Are you a budding academic writer in pursuit of a new job, or are you a veteran freelancer with years’ worth of experience in the academic writing industry? Well, as long as you are someone who has a flair for academic writing, we at EssayPesa are looking for you!

Essaypesa is one of the pioneers in the content writing industry that provides a range of academic writing services and promises them the most articulate and professional work. Presently, we’re looking for content providers with the title of academic writers, proof-readers and content developers. This is an ideal opportunity for you if you’re looking to get consistent work at home, in a freelance position. Our pay is one of the highest as per industry standards, and we’re willing to work around a flexible work schedule for you. Our only requirement is that you be a qualified individual who can meet our deadlines. So, if you meet the above requirements, and presently hold a university degree (undergraduate or postgraduate), then consider this as an opportunity that you have been waiting for.

Our team at EssayPesa is a group of extremely talented individuals that hail from some of the best academically ranked universities in USA. Each of us has a specialization of our own, and we’re always looking for new ways to grow our expertise, and new talents to add to our team. We the minds that collectively work together to bring our clients some of the most well-researched and thoughtfully-written essays and write-ups, and we’re looking for individuals who can match our capability of work, and can go above and beyond to provide our clients with the perfect answers to assignments.

Since our team is expanding at exponential rates, we’re on the lookout for individuals who would like to work as freelance academic writer or professional writer at EssayPesa. This can be a great opportunity for you if:

  • You like to work on your schedule.
  • You’re on the lookout to get an additional income on the side.
  • You’re planning to expand your academic expertise on the subjects and topics that you love and enjoy.
  • You’d like to take on assignments at your convenience.
  • You prefer to find work that allows you to have a work-life balance.
  • You wish to assist other students with your academic expertise.

If the above work situation seems like an ideal opportunity for you, and academic writing projects are right up your ally, then we’d like to get in touch with you. At EssayPesa, we offer the following benefits to our team members and writers:

  • Work-life balance

Work-life balance is our utmost priority. We provide work that is flexible around your schedule and make sure to keep ample distance of time between deadlines to complete the tasks provided to you. Our only requirement is that you meet those deadlines, the rest is up to you!

  • Top-grade pay

We provide the best rates in the industry, so the pay is not a worry when you sign up with us. Additionally, unlike other clients, you wouldn’t have to chase us for your hard-earned money, we guarantee to provide you with your payment on time, every time.

  • An exceptional team

Our team is what makes us EssayPesa. We take pride in the talent we have on our platform. If you become a part of EssayPesa, you too get access to the same talent and the same exceptional minds that make EssayPesa one of the best academic writing platforms.

  • Opportunity to help others

For us, it’s not only about work and pays. We’re also dedicated to helping other students and academics understanding their subject matters better and excelling in their studies.

  • Projects that you love

We work very hard to carefully match you to the projects that you love and enjoy. This not only guarantees that our writers are creating academic write-ups on subjects that they understand well but also subject matters that they enjoy.

To answer the big questions:

How Does It Work?

We work on a simple bidding system – you have the complete freedom to bid on the work of your liking (be it small essay writing projects or huge dissertations). We guarantee to pay you the best rates in the industry – some of our writers even earn upwards of $5500/month.

What Will You Be Doing?

You’ll be helping our clients on the projects and topics that you enjoy most. The work varies, you could be writing assignments on their behalf, or grading papers, or mentoring students – you could even opt for a combination of these services, it’s all up to you.

Whom Are We Looking For?

Most importantly, we need a stable internet connection and a laptop from you. However, our ideal candidate will be a top academic writer and researcher, with years of academic knowledge, and a degree from a leading university based in USA. If you are someone who’s looking to exercise your academic knowledge in the real world and get paid for it then this is the job for you!

How Much Do You Have to Commit?

You could stay in the mountains or live on the beach, just as long you submit projects with a deadline in mind then that is all that we ask from you.