Academic Writing Jobs

Academic writing industry is on the rise, and has been gaining considerable attention. Writers from across the globe are looking for ways to re-utilize their degrees and earn an additional monthly income from Freelance Academic Writing Jobs Online. As an academic writer, your work has to be precise, concise, and crisp. Additionally, it has to be well-researched, well-written, well-worded and thoroughly explained. So, if you pass the aforementioned criteria, maybe academic writing gigs are made for you!

Academic writing jobs usually work in such a way that you are assigned with work that lies within your expertise so that you can provide the client with high-quality write-ups. Different writing texts ask different kinds of responsibilities from the writer, for example, some would ask the writer to be analytical and critical, whereas others might require the writer to be descriptive and narrative.

These days, custom academic writing work is in-demand, and many students and academics who are busy with their day-to-day lives are leaving their academic work to professionals.

This model not only allows students to gain a broader sense of understanding of their topics, but it also gives writers an opportunity to write content about the fields that interest them the most, thereby providing a service that can be beneficial for both parties involved.

Types of Academic Writing Jobs

Academic writing jobs bring different types of academic texts to the table, the most common of which are essay writing, research paper writing, thesis writing, research proposal writing, literature review writing, report writing, dissertation writing, etc. There are many different types of writing style too when it comes to academic writing, out of which, some of the most widely used writing styles are descriptive, analytical, expository, persuasive, narrative, and critical write-ups. As an academic writer, you need to have a vast understanding of different types of texts and styles so that you can adhere to the needs of your clients.

1.  Essay Writing Jobs:

Essay writing is one of the most requested writing work on EssayPesa’s platform. For those of you who are cynical about what exactly is an essay writing job, let’s begin with what constitutes as a part of essay writing: write-ups that are short and brief and provide the author’s perspective. They follow the guidelines of introduction-body-conclusion, and are usually extremely fun and interesting to write, even with minimal research involved. Essay writing jobs are a medium that allows an academic writer to write brief descriptions on the topics provided to them, with the help of either of these writing styles.

2. Research Paper Writing Jobs:

With the opportunity of a research paper writing job, a writer is to produce a paper on any topic that is of particular interest to the client (this usually aligns with the writer’s area of expertise too). Academics usually undertake the opportunity to write a research paper to gain a better understanding of a topic, and as such, the same opportunity is passed on to the writer. Almost every research paper follows the guidelines of adding analysis, interpretation, and arguments in the final write-up, and because of this, research paper writing jobs require the writer to be analytical, technical and critical to provide the client with distinctive work.  

3. Thesis Writing Jobs:

Thesis writing jobs present the writer with the responsibility of writing scholarly papers on the behalf of a student studying that subject, or someone who has enough understanding of that subject. Thesis writing jobs require a lot of in-depth and high-quality research before any written work is commenced so that the same quality of work can be reflected in the thesis paper. Due to its nature of being, only a person with a vast understanding of the topics presented to them can undertake a thesis writing project. (Some jobs even require the author to conduct the preliminary research on behalf of the client)

4. Research Proposal Writing Jobs:

Before beginning research on any topic, a research proposal is usually crafted to demonstrate the importance and uniqueness of your topic. As part of a research proposal writing job, you would be required to highlight the benefits of the study and present a basic outline of the topic. Any research proposal writing job has to be taken up with the idea of helping students and academics find the mentors, sponsors, and support required for commencing his or her research study, and hence should provide answers to questions like ‘realistic timeline for the research’, ‘qualifications of the author’, ‘reasons the sponsors should accept the research proposal’, etc.

5. Literature Review Writing Jobs:

Literature reviews are both an art and a science. As part of a literature review writing job, you would be required to gain a solid understanding of past researches that were similar to yours, so that you can further analyze and critique it without any biases. Literature review writing jobs are one of the most research-heavy jobs in academic writing industry that require the writer to have an analytical eye to craft such reviews for the client. The required reviews can be crafted from any pieces of literature such as scholarly articles, books, previous research papers, independent studies, etc.

6. Report Writing Jobs:

Report writing jobs are the right fit for people who just love stating facts, figures and pieces of information, without any biases, because at the very core, report writing is just that. Report writing caters only to a niche market and only a small group of people are usually able to understand report writing tasks can stake over the job. As a report writer, you would be asked to analyze data and then prepare reports that summarize the event. Hence, being analytical and critical is basically a part of the job description, so if you excel at both of these things, report writing may just be an additional income job option for you.

7. Dissertation Writing Jobs:

Dissertation writing jobs require a lot of expertise. Usually, only a person with years worth of experience writing about a particular industry, or someone who at least has a Master’s degree on that topic can undertake dissertation projects that are based on the topic. Apart from a deep understanding of the subject matter, dissertations are a type of writing text that rely on heavy formatting and a plethora of research. Only a dedicated person who is accustomed to writing long texts can undertake this task and excel at it. However, dissertations are one of the few writing formats that feed writers who have an ingrained sense of curiosity.

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Your degree is worth way more than a regular 9-5 office job, which is why we present an opportunity to highly qualified academic individuals to write about the topics that match their interests the most – you can now use that quick office break or the few extra hours to write academic essays and help students around the globe understand the subjects that you love, a little better every day. What’s better? You get to keep up with your academic discipline and earn a consistent income out of it!

The EssayPesa Philosophy:

EssayPesa is a platform that is by academic writers, for academic writers, and of academic writers.  Our brand, EssayPesa was the brain-child of experienced freelance academic writers who loved crafting academic papers on the topics that they enjoyed, which is why they gave birth to a platform that would not only be accessible and user-friendly but would also provide those in need of academic write-ups, a vast pool of academic authors. We’re dedicated, we have a deep understanding of what our clients want, and we deliver high-quality content every-time. Our platform is not only sustainable and profitable, but it is one that provides one of the most competitive rates in the industry. We ensure that with the way we are created, we are able to deliver flexible schedules, top-notch pay, and easy writing jobs so that our writers can present the clients with high-quality work that our clients expect from us.

Academic Writers Needed!

We’re always on the lookout for talented academic writers who can whip up perfectly written academic assignments. If you’re interested in a freelance gig for academic writing, EssayPesa is a platform that provides premium high-paying gigs, regardless if you are a fresher or a veteran in the industry. Our customers expect high-quality writing for their academic projects, and we aim to assign them with a writer who is perfectly fit for the task at hand. Every day, we receive thousands of inquiries, so this gives our writers a high-volume of work options to choose from (they can filter the results as per their areas of expertise). Our projects are dynamic and versatile and they allow for healthy competition that is needed to expand on your skills. So, if you believe you’re the right person for the gig and can produce well-researched, and sharp academic essays in time, we need you!

How It Works:

EssayPesa is a platform that does not adhere to the 9-5 working hours, we give our writers the liberty of a flexible life, where you can schedule the work we assign you as per your convenience. Get access to hundreds of assignments, no matter where you are based, with just one click!

Bid for Work:

Filter from thousands of inquires based on your qualifications, skills and experience. If you like any of the briefs listed on your dashboard, go ahead and register for it. Our dedicated team reviews bids on a daily basis, and will quickly assign you the brief if we believe that you are the right person for the job.

Get Writing:

Once assigned with a brief, go ahead and complete the assignment as per your flexibility. We only ask you to submit high-quality work (with a deadline in mind) that would pass our quality standards. All submissions can be made via your control panel.

Get Paid:

Everything is automatically generated so you need not worry about chasing us for payments, you’ll get funds allocated in your monthly invoice based on the work that you do. Please note that all payments will only be generated once we review your work and it passes our quality standards.

How to Join the EssayPesa Team

Since EssayPesa is a premium platform, we’re very mindful of the freelancers we hire. It doesn’t matter if you an industry veteran or a fresher, as long as you can produce high-quality academic write-ups, and you believe in the same ethics, principles and ideologies as we do, we need you on our team. Irrespective of the kind of work we offer, we expect the utmost professionalism from our pool of freelancers. We also do not provide any room for any kind of plagiarism. As a writer on our platform, you would be required to have a credible understanding of excellent grammar, punctuation and orthography, as it is required that all our writers possess and demonstrate these skills.

To make sure our pool of writers is nothing less than excellent, we individually screen every writer that comes on our platform. Only if we believe that you are a writer whose abilities we can vouch for, then you are hired. Academic writers who have a deep understanding or expertise in at least three subject areas are preferred. With these measures in place, we can be assured that every writer that comes on our platform is nothing less than exceptional, and hence we can provide them with handsome compensation in exchange for their high-quality work.

Reasons to Become an Academic Writer for EssayPesa:

Provide a deeper sense of subject understanding:

The work that you produce is helping students around the world gain a broader understanding of their subjects. You are the person behind the scene who is helping students grow academically and learn about newer concepts every day.

Improve your knowledge:

Academic writing gives you an opportunity to research, learn and revise new concepts every day, be it the subject matter itself or the kind of writing style requested from you. With this job, you can hone your analytical skills, and develop a better understanding of subjects where your interests lie in.

Exceptional in-house support for writers:

EssayPesa is a platform that is very proud of the talent it has on its platform. It is our aim to always provide our writers with support and guidance. Our in-house team works closely with the writers to assist them every step of the way, be it with project selection or provide them with feedback during quality checks.

Competitive compensation:

We have a defined fee structure that is impartial and provides the best market rates. We provide our writers with two options: They can either follow our own recommended fee structure, or they can set their own rates on project topics that they believe would allow for better compensation.

Final Words

Academic writing is like a giant, money-making machine. There is so much money going into it, people can afford to pay a little extra and get help from a great academic writer. Some academic writers have ethical hangups about helping people write their papers, and that’s good, because it leaves more of these awesome academic writing gigs for the rest of us.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in it for the pay, or to feed your curiosity, or to help the current academics and students in the world, academic writing is one of the very rare fields in the world that provide the writers with all three. In the very end, it is one of the best side jobs in the market to provide you with an additional income. The added fact that it is flexible and entirely convenient with your schedule is an added bonus.

As great as academic writing may be as a part-time (or a full-time) career, things are even better at EssayPesa. Not only does Essaypesa provide the writers with a platform that allows for easy networking between students, academics and writers, it is also one of the few platforms in the world that provides an above-market rate for its writers, and even has additional measures in place to provide them with the support that they need.

So, it doesn’t matter if you a fresher or a veteran, as long as you hone the desired skills and talent to work here at EssayPesa, we are there to provide you with all the assistance that you demand. Our platform was created with the idea to provide a better experience for both the clients and the writers, and we’re here to do just that – revolutionize the academic writing world one essay at a time.