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This eBook gives away enough knowledge for you to understand the overall perspective whilst points you in the direction to get started started on your online income journey as an academic writer. 

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EssayPesa – the world’s largest, globally distributed network of top academics makes it easy for the world’s best academic talent with an platform to earn a flexible and consistent income whilst continuing to develop their knowledge in their academic discipline.

We’re excited to share our new eBook on how to make $10,000+ a month as an academic writer because in our hearts we believe that every professional writer has a purpose, and right now our purpose is show you how to set up your web presence, post ads in the right places, bid on gigs through freelance websites, and start building a clientele.

Based on our own research, input from top academic talent from around the world, and feedback from our readers, this resource covers everything you need to get started as an Academic Writer. 

It’s broken down into 10 sections that you can follow step-by-step or just jump to specific parts that would be useful to you.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the eBook:

  • Getting Started as an Academic Writer
  • Academic Writing – Is This For Me?
  • The Way of the Pro Academic Writer
  • Moment of Truth: What‘s the Perfect Recipe
  • How to Position Yourself on the Web
  • Where to Post Advertisements that will Land You 10 Clients Each Day
  • How to Use Proactive Outreach to Land More Clients
  • Tools for the Academic Writing Pro
  • Let Us [EssayPesa] Be Your First Client
  • Get Email Correspondence from the EssayPesa Team 

Loaded with tips from top academic talents from around the world, helpful checklists and even a chance to get email correspondence with members of our team, this informative book will help you get up and running successfully – and hopefully be fun to read, too.

How to make $10,000+ a month as an academic writer

Getting Started As A Freelance Academic Writer

Your purchase of this e-book includes a free round of email correspondence with the EssayPesa team. Here you can send your questions and ideas about getting started as an Academic Writer and be advised on how/where to get clients.


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Sophie Ward

Medical Essays & Assignments Writer, wales, UK.

This is not another one of those “get rich quick”-type of eBook, but rather you will get an honest and good overview of what works in academic writing to create a second income and more, talking from experience. One month to it and I am already making over $4,500 each week!

Client praise for the eBook​


Michael Stone

Law Dissertations Writer, Miami, USA.

Robbie and Monica helped make the whole experience a pleasure from the beginning with their friendliness and immediate response to the very few questions that I had. From one dissertation client in about a month to getting over five dissertation clients each week, I now have a team of six writers working with me. 

Skye Rethabile

Essay Writer/Editor/Proofreader, Cape Town, South Africa.

It took me forever to discover how to source clients from the US and UK. This book has been a TOTAL GAMECHANGER for me, Especially chapter six. I am now established, getting over 400 client requests every month from my adverts. I can only say THANK YOU EssayPesa!

Become a successful niche player

 The academic writing industry is a popular niche that is growing exponentially. There is a stable supply system in this niche, and enough jobs to employ everyone! It only takes a minute to buy this book and start serving this thriving niche. It only takes a few days to start building your brand. 

EssayPesa eBook Reviews: Stories from the Readers of “How to make $10,000+ a month as an academic writer.

9.6 average from 86,284 contest ratings

Since it was released in January 4, 2020, the eBook “How to make $10,000+ a month as an academic writer,” has sold 752,386 copies. Read their reviews to learn how great the eBook changed their world.


More comments from readers about our eBook

Najat B.


Your ebook is a treasure jar where I found a lot of help getting started as an academic writer. Good read, concise and straight forward to the point. I look forward to putting the information to use immediately. Thank you EssayPesa for what you do.



Ridiculous amount of quality content for the price. Making money as an academic writer is an interest of mine. So, one day I wanted to search online and find a few new books on the subject. I’m usually skeptical about books on the subject, since most are total crap, However, I know EssayPesa has an incredible reputation and I knew for sure it would be worth it. In addition to being an internet business expert, the guys at EssayPesa are experts by trade, like myself. Therefore, there is a definite systematic structure which many how to’s lack, as well as a no BS, inspirational and motivational tone throughout that I can easily understand and identify with. There’s a lot of links to additional resources throughout the book too. This book is loaded with quality info and could easily go for a lot more. If making money as an academic writer is an interest of yours, you’ll enjoy this book.

Sherly Tania B.


Thanks a Million! This is the first book I have read by EssayPesa. While I knew buying a title about making money online as an academic writer was a risk,  since  the topic has been done so many times, the guys at EssayPesa puts it forward in an enlightening and compelling way.
Really well presented with detailed ways that will help put goals in place to turn online profits.

Boris J.


This book from EssayPesa is marvelous, professional and stimulating for new ways of thinking and consciousness widening. Best regards and success.

Marcin D.


I owe you much. This book shows how to get started as an academic writer, but it requires some investment, and it is difficult to start making money quickly. May be over time they ideas work.

Kapal Bayani P.E.


I’ve been following EssayPesa for years. They have really helped in achieving my goal of financial freedom. This new book shows how EssayPesa has become an authority in helping people develop an structured plan to replace their main income or to create a second one. The book is very detailed in theory; however, the team at EssayPesa adds tips and real-life examples from their experiences. This by itself is very valuable.

One thing I learned from the book is the concept of passion, translated to the making money as an academic writer realm. I have always conceived passion as my hobbies, and tried to translate that into a product or niche market. However, EssayPesa shows us that passion can also come in other ways (people, processes, etc.). Only this idea pays the price of the book.

I’d recommend to anyone looking to get started as an acedmic writer to buy the book and put the strategies outlined their into practice. The team at EssayPesa are a good example of how a dedicated person, with perseverance and a structured method can triumph as an academic writer.


G. Michael S. M.A., MSW


The EssayPesa site & book have been a Godsend for me. It’s enabled me to acquire skills & knowledge that I otherwise would have not had access to which enables me to better help clients. Bless you & wish you the best.

Francisco R. M. MD., Ph.D.


What new freelancers (academic writers) have been searching for all their lives and now here it is, all tied up in one stress-free neat package. Thank Robbie for all the help in helping set up shop!

Gulsah A.


I am an academic writer and most of the time I really have much difficulty in accessing useful resources. Finding this EssayPesa has made me so happy and I can attest that the team at EssayPesa practices what they preaches. This book is all action-oriented, no fluff, that consolidates everything he’s learned as a successful academic writer and internet entrepreneur over the years.

Ruchi S.


I am grateful to you all for giving such an opportunity to the upcoming academic writer like us to learn more and more practical as well as theoretical aspects of internet entrepreneurship which would otherwise be difficult. I would like to learn and know more from your upcoming ebooks.

Robert O.


What can you say about this ebook – Clear, Timely, Informative. To say that this ebook has helped me get established as an academic writer much more quickly is an understatement. THANKS!

Shahzad K.


Looking for information about starting as an academic writer? This book will give you the basics, the step-by-step guides and the opportunities for making money online as an academic writer. Whether you want to earn some extra cash or you want to build a successful company, you will find numerous examples and essential background information that will help you get started.

Fred A.


This resource has been of great help to our practice and we are grateful.

Shimeles G.


Although this was a short read, it is one of the best books I have ever read. Why? Because, I walked away with great implementable information, tips and tricks. The first page prior to chapter one is one of these best trips ever! Its hidden yet discussed in the book. Very subtle, but hooks ya. Yes! This book really hits home! I am 100% sure you will agree. This is a very good book to keep as a reference!

Iztok Z.


When knowledge transforms into wisdom, a quest for financial benefits transforms into a quest for a way of benefiting others. Thank you for your personal wisdom, exemplified with the creation of this ebook!

Clare M.


In How to make $10,000+ a month as an academic writer, the online business experts Essaypesa offers inspiration to those looking to make a move from the 9 to 5 work schedule to a more flexible online business. They shows how anyone can start a profitable Internet business as an academic writer with no technical knowledge or startup capital.

Chandulo K.


Admittedly, I have come across several books that detail the processes and models of making money online as an academic writer. However, what I found impressive about ‘How to make $10,000+ a month as an academic writer” is that it shows you the steps of how to do it. What makes it even more authentic is that he uses case studies of real people to enhance the practicability of the concepts the team at EssayPesa recommends.

Prof. Orlin T


It’s been extreme pleasure reading your book and very, very useful professionally.



How to make $10,000+ a month as an academic writer is a nice read for those who are new to the world of academic writing.
Fortunately, every business needs effort, time and some money. Being an academic writer also needs some sacrifices.

Tith S.


This website and ebook is very helpful for me and I think for many others as well. Please keep up loading more new books. Thanks.

Geraldine C. R.


How many times have you heard of a “get-rich-quick-scheme”? It seems that everywhere, people are trying to set up their own academic writing business or something similar. But whenever I look at the different sites, I have two main questions running in my mind: “how do they advertise themselves?” and “how do they persuade people to hire them?” This book, How to make $6000+ a month as an academic writer, aims to show you through practical steps how to get started as an academic writer and how to make money fast.

Domingo C.


I picked this book up, unsure of what to expect, but I was very surprised with the knowledge that I gained from reading it.
It starts off by asking you some really deep questions as to what you really want from your life, how would you like to live your life and throughout the book, it goes back to this. If you can build the online business, you can live the life you want, from where ever you want. I know the lifestyle is possible and the book reaffirms it.
It covers a range of topics all relating to getting started as an academic writer with the ultimate objective of creating the lifestyle.

Gülşah C.


The book gives away enough knowledge for you to understand the overall perspective whilst points you in the direction to get started as an academic writer. For me, I particularly learnt a lot about advertising and its benefits. I now have a small audience and platform, but I was missing how to grow the audience and grow traffic. Online adverts was the answer. I set it up in a week after reading that section and now I’m getting clients each day. It has been very exciting.

Taye S.


The books was a fascinating tour through who I am and where my talents/interests are; academic writing. There are many exercises to work through defining what direction might work best for the individual. I recommend this to anyone that dose not feel the need to rush, watch the clock, listen to office politics, work long hours, miss out on family time. 

Simona O.


Great book! The author’s from EssayPesa breaks down many different ways to make money online. Very straightforward and no fluff, just the way I like it! I came away from this book with more than a few ideas that I didn’t ever think about before. Well worth the price of admission!

Decio D.


A very good primer for anyone contemplating going into business as an academic writer. Packed with ideas and references, it is also a commercial for the author’s on their other product and services offerings.

Sue L. Ph.D.


I purchased this book digitally last week and by the end I knew I needed to have it sitting in front of me so that next time i read it I could make notes and mark pages to return to. There’s so much information and a really great resource.

Gitkia Y.


Good insight about how to make a living online and create a lifestyle business. The author’s gives specific examples on how to get started as an academic writer that can be done in real life.

Najat B.


Your ebook is a treasure jar where I found a lot of help getting started as an academic writer. 

Cata D.


Your books help me to see the true value of how to treat people. I wish you the best.

Vinoth R.


Great summary of what you can do with what you already have in you. Recognize your potential and invest time for you… Great read!



Unlike a lot of internet entrepreneur books, How to make $10,000+ a month as an academic writer provides authentic and practical tips on the ‘how’ not just the ‘why’. Minimal personal stories but big on content – the way I like my business books.

Dorethea H.


How to make $10,000+ a month as an academic writer: Work Less, Live More with an Inter­net Busi­ness as an academic writer You Love by Scott Fox is a book for those hop­ing to make money online. Don’t let the title fool you though, this is not a get rich quick book but a high level view of what it takes to cre­ate another income stream.

Evgenios C.


How to make $10,000+ a month as an academic writer written by Essaypesa impressed me because of their candor which I felt was honest information that can be utilized to improving one’s income. It is an intelligent, genuinely realistic book of tips and strategies that can be used in get started as an academic writer.

Yordana H.


I became interested in becoming an academic writer about three years ago after attending yet another “great” new income genre which was young and upcoming in the communication industry but it is still based on the pyramid model. Most people are looking for venues that will change their financial status especially during struggling economic times. Being the “boss” and setting the standards for you business while increasing wealth, supporting the family and improving the how to use your time is paramount to most people. Thank you for helping me get started. 

Elisabeth H.


This is a great book for those who plan to change their “rat race” work life into a desired lifestyle revolving closely to their hobbies and passions. The team at EssayPesa, successful internet entrepreneurs in charge of How to make $6000+ a month as an academic writer, guides their readers through steps on getting started as an academic writer. This is a very valuable book. I recommend it to anybody who are done with the dreaded 9 to 5 lifestyle. Take charge of your life! 

Rocky M.


So very Informative & Helpful!
It allows readers from all walks of life to apply the author’s strategies for getting started as an academic writer by offering a full gamut of alternatives and illustrating each with real-life success stories. Great practical book that impels the reader to action, told in a warm user-friendly style.

G. Michael S., MA, MSW


This is a good book. It is in essence the same concept around designing your life around your passion own terms, but packed with business cases, examples, resources and clear direction, and without all the non-practical non sense from other books. I must admit I was extremely sceptical, and ended up being utterly and gladly surprised!



I absolutely loved this book! There is so much helpful information for the starting academic writer. This book is not only informative, bit it is also a positive motivational read! If you’re just starting out and looking for advice on how to become your own boss with your own online business, this book is for you! I would highly recommend.

Beth D.


A most inspiring and helpful book for those who can easily get started in Internet writing as academic writers, written to encourage and show people how to become “experts” in subjects by compiling information from own experiences. A great guide for starting and running an academic writing business and ramping it up to higher levels.

Francisco R. M. M.D., Ph.D.


A must read for anyone who is starting an academic writing business & is not sure where to start. Looks into mostly principles and ideas, intersected with cool case studies & resources. Plenty of evergreen business thoughts and concepts in here. Worth a look!

Jacqui P.


A friend sent me the link to your site. I’m a bit gobsmacked at the ease with which I purchased the eBook.

Andrew B.


I like to thank EssayPesa for presenting such a useful book… It is very much helpful for all aspiring academic writer’s especially for working from home with the help of online. It is very clear and I would recommend it for all my family members to get use of it. I am doing online business as an academic writer with the help of this :How to make $10,000+ a month as an academic writer: eBook. 



This is a killer for sure! Gotten a number of intriguing ideas to boost my academic writing biz. 

Bittu R.


I was searching for a comprehensive book which helps me to get started as an academic writer and got this book be EssayPesa. This is a really helpful book which has lots of options which will guide you to start from zero. It will make you able to earn passive income. I highly recommend this book.

Gulsah A.


I loved that the book was straight-forward and to the point, as well as the fact that the tips and advice were really good and I believe I can use them to eventually become financially independent by working online as an academic writer.



Thank you so much for your best ebook. It is one of the best and looking forward to apply and share what I have learned. It is very interesting.

Carlos D. Lisbon


The tips and guide are one of the best or I may say memorable moments throughout the whole ebook.

Delene L.


A home-based business now sounds appealing to me. Very descriptive so it’s easy to follow. 

Richard K., Ph.D.


Like any other how-to book, you have to put it to use. You won’t make any money with it on the shelf, but if you apply it, look out!

Madga P.S.


I am very grateful that you made it easier for me to continue updating, learning and discovering knowledge and new perspectives that able me to improve my business as an academic writer.

M. Rajendran


Excellent guide…….There are so many great advantages to making money online as an academic writer. Nowadays, the academic writing niche is become more popular. Were people get to work, sell and communicate at their fingertips. I can say that the book is very comprehensive. Each chapter discusses in detail how to get started as an academic writer. The book contains a lot of valuable advice and suggestions. I recommend…

Sultan A.


This ebook shows you the secrets of how to make money online as an academic writer. This ebook is for serious entrepreneurs, because it is written by successful internet entrepreneurs. 

Mette M.


This site is a wonderful book, – Thank you for providing very valuable knowledge to all of us!!

Sharon D.


Looking forward to reading the book, and perhaps better understanding the business of academic writing.

Bach T.


Really this book is very helpful those person who wants to start as an academic writer. I read this and I like it. I hope you would also like this so I recommended this to everyone to read this ones. 

bella gregoria o.


Does the book give you the license to print money? NO. Go do the work and learn some marketing tricks along the way to promote your services. There’s no reason why you can’t have fun doing it. Read Launch, and get some actionable ideas. God Bless!

hooman b.


I learned a lot from this tome. I would recommend this book to all academic writers. My main takeaways are the mental triggers that the author brilliantly discloses. Great read! 

aleksandra s.


This book was recommended to me by one of my “authorpreneur” friends, in the context of making a business as an academic writer.

Virgil R.


Thank you very much for your professionalism in the subject of academic writing! You are great!

Helen Kokkinakis


This is the best site on academic writing ever! The book is of excellent quality and provide valuable insight.

Sylvia W.


I think it’s a big risk to quit your job to start any business. However, if you are looking for supplement your income, or if you are a stay at home looking to supplement the family’s income, this is an excellent book! It teaches you how to gets started as an academic writer online. Robert writes it in a clear and easy to understand methods that anyone can follow. What is nice about it is that you can start small and set your own hours and move on up from there. Excellent money making guide!

uchi s.


I really liked this book. It provided a wonderful set of resources and handy information to kick start my academic writing business online. The book is full of actionable insights to properly evaluate you skill set and turn it into profit was top notch. Great book. Highly recommend. 

manash s.


I was helpless when I was out of job. Then I got the idea of academic writing but I didn’t have any skill on it. So, I started to find books for learning and i got the book “How to make $10,000+ a month as an academic writer.” It really helped me. I learned how to get started as an academic writer. Now I have increased my income than before. And I recommend to every person to buy this book to find the road to success.

pahri m.


Really helped my understand how to make money as an academic writer. I highly recommend!

adhiq u.


Really very useful ebook and for an affordable price.

yi b.


I feel lucky to find this site and get such an helpful ebook. Thank you very much.

patricia t.


Great read! If you want to begin making money from home as an academic writer but don’t know where to start, this book gives great info!

Emmanuel M.


The author’s did a get job of giving a logical plan with easy to understand instructions. They give good resources and examples. Reading the book, you feel encouraged and motivated. Well done!

Marina P.


I had no idea how people made money using the internet, but now I do. I strongly recommend reading this book to those who want to start their own business as an academic writer to earn money online.

Tracy H.


Very useful, good way of finding information without paying a fortune!

jesuthasan s.


Excellent book!

Margarita F.


I’ve never imagined the books like this exists, thank you all for such an opportunity.

robert o.


It’s always tempting to pick up a part-time job because the money is immediate. However, if you are willing to be patient and invest your time, the rewards are significantly higher. A good ebook. 

Jose Alberto N.


If you have dreamed of making money online – make it a reality with this ebook!

Gennea M.


Discover how you can earn money as an academic writer with this ebook. 

Eleftheria A.


Exceptional and really helpful for my work as an academic writer.

Ieva L.


This is a great idea to spread knowledge for such an affordable price!

Aman G.


I purchased the book, How to make $6000+ a month as an academic writer!, by EssayPesa. I ordered the book, online, 1/16/2021, before going to bed. I finished the book 1/17/2021. This book has a lot of useful information on how to get started as an academic writer. 

shahzad k.


I found it amazing. The knowledge is very useful. The ebook is written in a simple way so it is more convenient to read.

Rozalia T.


The EssayPesa website shows that they have been doing this for a long time, so they know how to be successful working from home as an academic writer. 

sergio m.


It was a quick and to the point read. The book gives you the ideas, but it isn’t going to hold your hand doing the work. It gives you what you need to stir the pot of ideas, but you have to do your 80/20 percent. And one advise that it gives is to make sure that you master one, and don’t overwhelm yourself by jumping to one work project to the other, before mastering one first. 

Wanjiru F.


This Guide details all the practical techniques you need to set-up a online business as an academic writer, be taken step-by-step through creating a successful academic writing business. 

shahrokh M.


This is an essential guide for anybody wanting to learn the Practical Basics of Academic Writing.

Sylvia W.


This book is filled to the brim with real techniques that you need to implement to get your academic writing business up & running, there is no wasted time.

Yasemin E.


This ebook is great for professional development!

Chen S.


Over 70 pages of the highest quality content from EssayPesa.

Antonetta e.


There is no time wasted in this book everything technique that is detailed is of a high practical value and has been used to great success on my academic writing business.

Fred A.


Your ebook has been of great help to our practice and we are grateful.

buthaina m.


Is it possible to make money online in 2021? Absolutely – and this is your best bet with “How to make $6000+ a month as an academic writer.”

Helena P.


Legitimate ways to make money from home really do exist – you just have to know where to look and how to do it. Learn “How to make $6000+ a month as an academic writer” with just your computer and internet access. 

Deirdre L.


I’m new to the process of academic writing. Essaypesa has provided a wealth of information in a straightforward no fluff presentation.

Shamimah R.


This ebook has been crazy helpful in my academic writing business! 🙂

urszula m.


The team at EssayPesa lends their personal expertise in a detailed and 100% actionable set of money making ideas that is easy to understand.

Sinka C.


I am grateful to find an ebook were I can get this knowledge for free. 

Lada B.


In my country it’s not so easy to find a lot of books from this field of work, and they are pretty expensive so I am very grateful for your work.

aline r.


This ebook is very helpful, especially at work. Thank you for this opportunity!

Elli Anna V.


Amazing idea…We all need guidance and support in our academic writing practice!!! Well done.

Helena H.


Not only are the resources they presents current but the information in the email correspondence is on point and perfectly compliments the main book contents. 

Ana M.


Providing this ebook for to the entire world through your great website has had a crucial impact on me and on those people who would like to broaden their knowledge in the field of academic writing.



Thanks a Million! You help people as me, who are academic writers in a third country, to learn how to get clients from US, UK, Canada, and Australia. 

geraldo g.


This book will be fundamental in my business as an acadmic writer here in the Comoros Islands.

Maria S.


This is not a get rich quick book, however, it does provide you with enough information to get started on your online income journey as an academic writer.

alex j.


Excellent resource with plenty of actional strategies.

beth d.


A worthwhile resource for all academic writers and professionals, it has also opened a new interest in related fields of work – content of writing.

Mei-Ling T.


This ebook has been an invaluable resource to me whilst gettin started as an academic writer . I have enjoyed the breadth of the material and eagerly await to implement them all.

Jayson R.


 I highly recommended this book. 

binod k.


EssayPesa provides such a great platform to get started as an academic writer with a pool of knowledge and resources.

vedat p.


More writers are making money today than at any other time in history. For centuries few have been able to support themselves from the quill or the keyboard alone.

Not anymore. Want to know why? Purchase this eBook, just like I did. No regrets guaranteed!

Michael Brent P.


The resources available on your eBook have proven invaluable to me. Thank you so much!

Marcin D.


In “How to make $6000+ a month as an academic writer,” you’ll learn the secrets of writing for profit and increasing your chances of making a living wage from your work.

Lindsay G.


I am very appreciative of this resource. To those who have made this possible I thank you so much.

Lionel V.


I am an academic writer living in Wales, UK and the ebook has been a very educating resource. Thanks to Essaypesa. 

katinka d.


I am getting started as an academic writer so its really helping me now…

Dmitry G.


I enjoyed reading this book. It was short and to the point. EssayPesa gave an excellent overview of the steps you needed to take to get started as an academic writer. I give this book 4.99/5 stars and I will recommend it to others.



Just fabulous! This ebook is out of this world, thank you so much!

lyka r.


I found the book easy to read and the information quickly decipherable. The conversational style that he uses feels like sitting across the kitchen table having him explain things to you. It is heartening for the new writer to have this information at hand as it covers all aspects of getting started as an academic writer.

moza a.


Thank you very much. This book is important for my work. I appreciate your great effort.

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It is an excellent source – congratulations and all appreciation to you sharing the knowledge.

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I am still new in the discipline of academic writing so that I find your E-books very helpful. Please continue this service active. We in the third world have very limited access to good references. Thanks.

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Thank you for information on your new ebook. It is very helpful.

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I found this page by accident, but I’m happy now. Thanks to you, I now have the information that I need. 

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Reb Svadlova

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