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Are the model answers an ethical way to help students or they are a way of cheat?

Dear Writer,

Selling essays through the web is a lucrative business, and most companies are not interested in the student, or if they do or do not their work individually. As a fellow academic, I find this kind of service unethical. I would not consider working with any company that encourages or tolerated cheating in any form. That is why I would like to assure you that EssayPesa services do not have to do with that type of practice.

I will discuss the company’s position about model answers as cheating – a view that I share and everyone who works at EssayPesa strongly supports. Irrefutably, there are good ways to use the model answer. It is common for university lecturers to give students examples of how to complete their assignments. So, we can support that model answer – as one of the services that EssayPesa provides – is not a way to help students cheating in any way.

EssayPesa publishes its policy regarding the use of model answers on all its sales sites and official channels. Our press coverage always provides evidence that we have never supported cheating among our clients. An essential part of our service is that we do not sell copyrights to students, and we always advise students that they cannot deliver the works that we provide to them as models. It is one of our essential standards and the difference between EssayPesa’s policy and other companies on the same issue. We regularly train all our staff on fair use. To consult our fair use policy, please click on the link below:

Fair Usage Policy 

Many freelance writing companies do not share our ethics, and EssayPesa, unfortunately, has associations with some of these. However, I can strongly support that not all freelance writing companies work in the same way. We believe that support materials are helpful for students. We have worked very hard to ensure the quality and transparency of our services. EssayPesa is committed to the fair use of support materials among students. Our policy is to give them the tools to achieve their goals without cheating.

It will be a pleasure to have you as a researcher/writer at EssayPesa. I value your feedback, so let me know if you have any question.


Sam Otega,

Managing Director.