Freelance Academic Writers Wanted in the UK

Are you a master of words? Someone who has years of academic knowledge that they wish to put to use? Well, we’ve got the perfect job opening for you. EssayPesa calls for all the academic writers, proofreaders, and content developers for an exciting opportunity to collaborate with us and help other students and academic in their studies, and to help them achieve them high-quality, well-researched assignments, essays and academic work.

EssayPesa is a team of extremely skilled academic authors, authors, writers, researchers, and many other professions that come together under one banner to provide academics with some of the best-written assignments of the decade. Our company is one of the earliest established agencies that provide real-time writing services for students. Today, we are one of the leading businesses in the academic writing space, and we are growing to new heights every day.

Currently, we’re in search of individuals to partner with us on a freelance basis to provide thought-provoking creative essays, assignments and dissertations for our clients. Once a part of EssayPesa, you will work with an extensive network of individuals who are some of the sharpest minds in their fields of study.

Interested? Here are some of the reasons why our current pool of writers love us:

  • We offer an extremely flexible working schedule.
  • We offer a top-dollar rate to our writers.
  • We have no qualms about where to stay and what you do.
  • We provide our writers with the option to write about topics that interest them the most.
  • We provide you with assignments that you can easily complete whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
  • We provide an extensive list of assignments you can choose from.
  • You can work on as many (or as little) assignments as you wish.
  • You can take this as a part-time or a full-time opportunity.
  • We don’t make you run around for payments.

So, if you are a scholar, academic, or a freelancer that wishes to make your degree of some us and you want to join our current pool of writers, here are some of the details about us that you should know about:

Whom Are We Looking For?

We are looking for individuals who are well-versed and qualified to complete the assignments they bid for. You should have excellent grammar, writing and research skills. Our ideal candidate is someone who has a rich educational background and as graduated from one of the leading universities in the UK (or the world for that matter). We would be happy to consider your application irrespective if you hold an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree. If you have the academic knowledge, and the research skills to back it up then you may be our candidate.

What Is The Process Of Joining?
It’s a simple enough process. You bid for work, you complete the work, and you get your money for it. Rest assured, we pay some of the best rates as per industry standards. Once approved, you will have an option to select from a wide variety of topics and project types to choose from, you can opt for a simple and quick essay that earns you £50 or choose a dissertation that can gather you over thousands, some of our writers even earn upwards of £4000 a month. We put no restrictions on the minimal number of briefs you can require to complete.

How Much Would You Have to Commit To?

You only have to commit to a deadline. The rest is up to you. Some of our mentors reside in the furthest corners of the world, some live near the seashore, whereas others reside in the mountains. Similar to them, where you stay and what you do is up to you – just as long you commit to the deadlines of the topics we provide you with.

What Are The Job Requirements?

Your job requirements are to assist the clients of EssayPesa to help complete their essays and assignments. In return, we will pay you a top-dollar rate for it. So if you are an academic author or a scholar, or someone with a vast number of years of experience in the academic writing field, or even a recent graduate that can provide high-quality work, then we would like to get in touch with you.