Freelance Academic Writers Wanted in the Philippines

If you are a writer that has a way with words, and a love for academic subjects then we believe we’ve met our perfect match. EssayPesa is on the hunt for academic writers, content developers and proof-readers.

We’re a brand that is reaching new heights every day, and we are looking for partners who can match those successes with us. Our team is a collective of some of the smartest academic minds today, and we are hoping to add new talents to our list every day.

If you are a recent graduate with a degree (either undergraduate or postgraduate) to back you up, then we are looking out for someone like you. We are keen to partner up with writers who:

  • Love to work on their own time.
  • Take work entirely as per their own schedule.
  • Like to maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Wish to get paid the best rates in the industry.
  • Wish to become a part of our rich network.
  • Improve their academic knowledge of subjects that they love.
  • Help other students in their academic projects.

Become a part of our freelance collective and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Flexible Working Hours

We provide our writers with a lot of flexibility to conduct projects as per their own liking, on hours that suit them best, and on topics that they like best.

  • Chance To Assist Others

Working with us, you get the opportunity to assist students from across the globe on projects and tasks that you have your knowledge and expertise in.

  • Best Rates

We promise to pay our writers the best rates in the industry for the outstanding work that they do. Our payment is by far the highest as per industry standards.

  • Do What You Love

We provide you with a stress-free environment to work on projects that are entirely flexible as per your needs, and also allows you to earn money at the same time.

  • Rich Network

Working with EssayPesa, you get to become a part of a rich network of individuals who are some of the smartest minds in the academic world today.

Whom Do We Need?

We need academics that have great skill and knowledge in their respective fields. You should ideally have a degree (either postgraduate or undergraduate) from a respected university, and much possess the skills and the academic rigour to translate your knowledge and thoughts into words. Your work should translate well, and it should have evidence for good writing work.

What Will You Be Doing?

You will be helping our clients (students, professionals, and academics) in their written work. We hope to have authors who can take the title of either an academic writer, proofreader, mentor, tutor, or you can opt to offer a combination of these services. Irrespective of whichever job opportunity that you wish to take on, we promise that we provide the best market rates to our freelance partners.

How Does EssayPesa Work?

The platform is simple enough to understand and operate on. You simply bid for the work that you wish to write on, and if approved, you will receive compensation for the work that you complete. We have no requirements on a minimum number of briefs that you have to complete, nor do we expect you to take on any projects that you do not wish to. You can choose to work on the simplest assignments or some of the long-running dissertations. Some of our writers even make up more than a few hundred thousand pesos a month.

What Is Your Commitment To The Work?

You have only one commitment that we expect you to complete: you have to send the projects on the assigned deadline. Except that, we have no other requirements. You can stay on a mountain, or reside on the seashore, or even in the city – as long as you have a steady internet connection, a laptop to work with, and an academic mind that can translate concepts into words, then you are our ideal candidate. In fact, some of our mentors reside in many different locations in the world. Similar to them, you have full flexibility to stay where you want, and to do as you wish with your time.