Freelance Academic Writers Wanted in New York

EssayPesa is one of the leading agencies in the educational writing space that promises to give students and academics a scope of proficient, well-written work. Presently we’re on the hunt to find individuals who can take on the titles of academic writers, proofreaders, and content developers. So, if it is accurate to say that you are a budding academic writer on a quest for a new position, or if you are a veteran with years of involvement within the academic writing industry, then you may be the person we are looking for.

This is an ideal chance for individuals who are hoping to get reliable work at home, in an independent position. The cherry on the top? Our compensation is one of the greatest according to industry guidelines, and we’re willing to work around an adaptable and flexible plan to offer you projects that work around your schedule. Presently, we are searching for professionals who have the calibre to produce eloquently written and well-researched articles, essays, dissertations, and much more for academic use. Our only requirement is that you have a stable internet connection, the facilities to work at home, and an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree from a well-acclaimed university that helps you support the work that you produce.

Here are some of the factors that make our pool of writers love us:

  • Our pay is one of the best in the industry.
  • We offer a flexible schedule for our writers.
  • Our only priority is that you produce work with a deadline in mind.
  • We offer projects that you can take on a part-time as well as a full-time basis.
  • We don’t make you run after payments.
  • Opportunities to assist others in gaining academic excellence.
  • We provide project work on the topics that interest them.
  • We are a pathway to earn a stable additional income whilst maintaining a work-life balance.
  • Our service allows our writers to expand their knowledge on the topics that they enjoy.
  • ABC is a pool of network of high-academic individuals.

To address the main questions:

How Does it Work?

We work with a straightforward approach – you have the full freedom to bid on the projects that you like or the projects that match your expertise. Our writers can take on even the smallest essays, or even the biggest of dissertations and researches, a huge portion of our writers even acquire upwards of $5500/month. Be it whichever project that you take on, we assure to pay you the best rates in the business. There is no number of minimum briefs that we request you undertake.

What Will You Be Doing?

You’ll be helping our customers on the project topics that you excel in or have vast experience in. You can take on opportunities like creating essays and dissertation of topics of your interest, or you can offer mentorship, or you can provide proofreading services to the client. Alternatively, we even provide you with the option of taking on a mix of these opportunities. Irrespective of whichever service you take on, we guarantee you’ll earn excellent money. You also have the liberty to choose whichever projects you like the most to begin working on them.

Whom Are We Looking For?

Our ideal applicant will be a top student – the poster perfect ‘crème de la crème’ of the academic world, with extensive years of education behind them. We’re looking for people who hold a degree from Columbia or any other leading, well-renowned universities within New York. We would also be requiring you to have a stable internet connection and a laptop to work with, irrespective of whichever location you work from. We would love to see someone who can translate their academic knowledge with a flair, and help other students and academics get accomplished in their studies.

What Are Your Commitments?

Some of our mentors are situated in the furthest parts of the world, some live on the seashore, and some reside in the mountains. Our only requirement is that you meet the assigned deadlines for the projects submitted to you to complete. We also do not tolerate any kind of plagiarism. Working at EssayPesa, you have the full flexibility to work at your convenience, surrounded by family and friends, or completing personal commitments.