Freelance Academic Writers Wanted in India

Do you have a way with words? A strong grasp of academic knowledge? Would you like to put your degree to some use and earn good money out of it? Well then, welcome to EssayPesa – we’re your potential future employers. Here’s a bit about us: EssayPesa is one of the premier academic writing agencies in the world. We work with some of the sharpest minds of the decade, and now we’re on the hunt to add to our pool of academic talent.

Our company specialises in providing thought-provoking essays, high-quality researches, and well-written assignments for our clients. So if you believe your talents can be of good use to our brand, we would like to get in touch with you. We’re presently looking to fill the positions of writers, proof-readers and content developers at EssayPesa, and we would like to work with like-minded people who can provide their expertise to students and help them achieve the best grades possible.

Our work opportunity is extremely flexible – you can work on your own hours, as per your own time table, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and earning good money out of it. Presently, we only wish to offer work-from-home freelance work opportunities. So, is this seems like an ideal job opportunity to make use of our talents, then we have a list of reasons to convince you some more:

  • Maintain a well-balanced life, and work at your own hours.
  • Get the job done as per your own timetable.
  • Complete self-reliance on which subjects to work on, where to work on, and what hours to work on.
  • You pick which jobs (assignment types) you want to work on.
  • Subjects that could be filtered in accordance with your interests.
  • Exceptional prices for the work that you offer.
  • Freelance, work from home opportunity.
  • Our only demand is you maintain deadlines.
  • We have a rich pool of artistic and scholastic network.
  • No requirement for a minimum number of briefs.

Convinced as yet? Well then, submit your application at EssayPesa! However, before you do, we would ask you to go over these pointers just to understand a bit more about our platform.

Who are we looking for?

We’re mainly on the search for a writer who has a fundamental capability for writing, solid research proficiency, and terrific knowledge and expertise on their subjects of interest. If you have a proven track record to write exceptional academic content, or even if you are a fresher that can guarantee high-quality for our clients then we would like to hear from you. We would also require you to have an education at either an undergraduate or postgraduate level from a reputable college.

What are our requirements?

We only have one requirement from our writer: please turn in your assignments on your deadline. Rest, we do not care about. You could live anywhere, do anything that you wish, you could work on your own hours, and as per your schedule – you have the full freedom to make a flexible schedule that allows you to maintain a work-life balance. In fact, some of our mentors even operate from the furthest corners of the world, some live in mountains, and others live near the sea.

How does EssayPesa work?

Our platform works on a bidding system – you bid for the project topics that you wish to work on and once you complete the project, we provide you with the best market rates for it. You can bid for a simple assignment that will earn you upwards of thousands, or you could opt for dissertation projects that can pay you in heaps. Irrespective of the work you do, we make sure our writers are well-paid. Most of our writers earn over $5,0000 on a monthly basis.

What will you be doing?

You will be helping EssayPesa’s clientele in completing their coursework and assignments. We have a list of services that you choose from: academic writing, proof-reading (editing student work), mentorship and tutoring – you can even opt to provide a mix of these services. We would just require you to be the best at what you do and to provide excellent work for our clients.