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Freelance Economics Writer Jobs

Economics is both an art and a science, it can be technical or personal, or it can be both at the same time – it’s a highly unique niche!

At EssayPesa, we work with freelance economics writers who can create content addressing everyday economic choices, meaningful  papers, essays, and dissertations on global economy, or case studies on historical trends.


What we require

We need experts in different domains ranging from Economics, Econometrics, Advanced Economic Theories (both Micro and Macro Economics), Finance, Accounts and others. Key skills to qualify for freelance economics writer jobs include data analysis using STATA, Eviews, SPSS and R. It would be great if you are well versed with the nuances of academic writing like the referencing styles and plagiarism.


If you are interested in becoming a freelance economics writer and are willing to take on freelance economics writer jobs through EssayPesa, then you should complete your application today. To be eligible to join our team, you must meet the following requirements: 

– Excellent analytical writing skills (previous economic reporting/analysis experience is preferred, but academic, journalistic, and creative writers will be considered if their writing is of high quality)

– Strong research capabilities

– Possess practical experience, as well as thorough knowledge, in the field of economics

– Possess knowledge of referencing styles  

– The ability to think uniquely, independently, and present ideas clearly and coherently 

We will ask you to be familiar with the fundamental theories of micro and macroeconomics, their application at a national and international level to satisfy the requirements of our clients from different parts of the world. You must demonstrate that you know how to apply the theory practically and comprehensively from multiple perspectives.


Freelance economics writer jobs earnings are based on hours worked, level of work completed, and the number of words written each day. Join hundreds of freelance writers who work with Essaypesa to help students achieve academic excellence.

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