Freelance Academic Writers Wanted in Ukraine

Are you in search of an exciting job opportunity? Are you obsessed with academic writing? Well, if your answer to those questions is a yes, then we’ve got an opportunity in store for you! EssayPesa is a pool of creative network that is inclusive of academic writers, researchers, proofreaders, editors, tutors and many more professionals that have come together to provide the best academic for our clients.

Established in 2012, EssayPesa is currently a giant when it comes to educational content. We’re always looking to add new talents to our network, and presently on the hunt to look for academic writers, content developers, and proofreaders. If you become a part of the EssayPesa team, you will become a part of a huge network of some of the brightest academic minds in the world.

If you are keen to join our platform, here are some of the benefits that we offer to our writers:

  • We allow you to undertake work projects by yourself, with complete flexibility on your timings.
  • We give you the opportunity to work on project topics that you enjoy.
  • With us, you can work on your timetable.
  • You can improve your research skills with us, and gain insights into your academic writing work.
  • You can earn great money while still maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
  • You get to assist people by portioning out your knowledge and expertise to them.

These are some of our key highlights:

  • Flexible Schedule

We offer an extremely flexible schedule to our writers so that they can complete the work assigned to them on their own hours while finishing other commitments at the same time.

  • Help Other Students

This job offers you the satisfaction of not only earning good money but also helping other people out while you’re at it.

  • Great Pay

It is our motto to give you great pay for the great work that you do! Irrespective of whichever opportunity you take with us, we will make sure that we pay you better than industry standards.

  • Do What You Enjoy

We give our writers the freedom to choose whichever topics they would like to work on so that they can offer their expertise on those subject matters as well as improve their knowledge on said subjects.

If this sounds like an idealistic opportunity for you then here are some of the answers to your burning questions.

Who Are We On The Hunt For?

We want writers that can flawlessly translate academic concepts into words. You should ideally have a degree (either undergraduate or postgraduate) from a recognised university, with years of rich academic experience behind you. We want people who can help out EssayPesa’s clientele, and provide them value just the way we would hope for.

What Are The Job Requirements?

The only job requirement is that you assist EssayPesa’s customers. We offer a variety of services such as academic writer, mentor, tutor, proof-reader, etc – you can pick a service that best aligns with your skills, or you can even opt for a combination of these services. Regardless of whichever services you choose to offer, we will make sure that we pay you the best rates in the industry.

What Are Your Commitments?

The only commitment we expect from you is that you turn in your work on time, and abide by the deadline. The rest is completely up to you. You can live on the mountains, or on the sea, or even in the city – as long as you have a steady internet connection, a laptop to work with, and a mind that thrives working on academic concepts, we are on the lookout for someone like you.

How Does EssayPesa Work?

We work on a simple bidding system, where you bid for the work you wish to write about. Once you complete the task, we will make sure you receive your compensation for it. We don’t have any minimum number of briefs that we expect you to complete, or any restrictions on the bidding process – you can bid on a quick assignment that will fetch you more than a thousand hryvnia, or you could opt for dissertations that will pay you in heaps. We pay all our partners the highest rates in the industry for the work that they do.