Freelance Academic Writers Wanted in Kenya

Freelance Academic Writers Wanted in Kenya

Do you have a strong grasp of grammar, concepts, and words? Are you someone who has years of educational know-how that they want to put to use? Tired of your degree just sitting in the corner and now you want it to be of some use? Welcome to EssayPesa, we’re commencing a job search that is looking for someone who can tick all the boxes to the above questions.

Started in 2012, EssayPesa is without doubt one of the oldest and most established educational writing agencies that present actual-time services for its customers. After many years in this industry, we have now become cumulative of some of the most intelligent minds of Kenya that have come under one banner to become a cumulative pool of authors, writers, scientists, web content developers, coaches, and tutors. Our group forms some of the most intelligent minds of this generation and we’re on the lookout to find various other like-minded people that can offer their services on an independent freelance basis and assist our customers in completing their essays, projects and projects.

We offer extraordinary prices for our writers – some of the best rates as per industry standards. We also deliver a very flexible working schedule for our authors so that they can maintain healthy stability between work and life. So if you are looking for a job opportunity that would is not only flexible to your schedule but also pays you well, then EssayPesa would be the spot for you.

Here are some of the benefits we offer to our writers:

  • Maintain a balanced life, and work at your own hours.  
  • Get the job done as per your own timetable.
  • Complete independence on which topics to work on, where to work on, and what hours to work on.
  • You pick which tasks you want to work on.
  • Subjects that could be filtered according to your topic interests.
  • Exceptional prices for the work that you offer.
  • Freelance, work from home opportunity.
  • Our only requirement is you maintain deadlines.
  • We have an abundant pool of artistic and scholastic network.

Does this seem like an ideal opportunity for you? Well, if it does here are a few things you should know about the EssayPesa platform.

Whom are we searching out?

We’re mainly on the hunt for a creator who has an inherent ability for writing, strong research capabilities, and terrific subject expertise in their field of interest. If you have a rich educational past or are someone with noteworthy research capabilities, you then are the person we are looking for. We only move forward with individuals who have the extensive academic calibre and possess a degree (either undergraduate or postgraduate) from a well-established and acclaimed university.

What are our requirements?

Our most effective important requirement is that turn in your assignments on time. As long as you have got a solid internet connection, a PC to work with, a mind that could hold a number of academic concepts, and a work ethic that could deliver assignments on time, we want you in our group. We don’t care if you live near the sea or the mountains, just as long as you can work with a deadline – in fact, most of our mentors do live in some of the furthest corners of the world.

How does EssayPesa work?

EssayPesa works on a bidding structure. We do not require you to fulfil any amount of briefs, and we do not pressure you into completing a fixed number of assignments. You may take any kind of assignments, as many or as little as you want, and you can bid on any type of work – from a simple essay so as to fetch you in thousands of shillings, or a dissertation so that it will pay you in heaps. Some of our writers even earn upwards of some hundred thousand shillings a month.

What will you be doing?

You will be helping EssayPesa’s clients with their educational work. If you are an educational creator, researcher or educational alumni that are on the lookout to help other students with your knowledge then this is the perfect opportunity for you. We offer a variety of titles: academic authors, tutors, mentors, proof-readers, you can simply opt for any of these service offerings.