Freelance Academic Writers Wanted in Houston

EssayPesa is among the earliest as well as leading service providers that offer real-time writing services to students, academics, as well as experts from across the world. Due to the fact that we’re a brand that is constantly chasing new heights every day, we’re regularly on the lookout to add new talents and skills to our group. Presently, we’re looking for writers, proofreaders and content developers in the space of academics.

So if you’re an individual or a freelancer in search of a job offer that is not only flexible but also allows you to choose the projects that you work on, we have the perfect opportunity for you. EssayPesa gives you a chance to use your degree and earn an additional income out of it – we offer some of the best rates in the industry, and promise to provide you with a great work-life balance. We have been frequently on the lookout for individuals and lecturers that happen to be eager to enrol with our increasing staff.

EssayPesa delivers freelance work for lecturers and experts who’re eager to:

  • Undertake assignments by themselves.
  • Focus on completing jobs that happen to pique their interests.
  • Do the job according to their schedule.
  • Boost their academic analysis skills and academic paper producing capabilities.
  • Generate fantastic income while still holding along with their stability amongst get the job done and leisure.
  • Support students by portioning out their expertise and helping them in their studies.

If you are an academic writer with fantastic research and writing skills and would like to work with a lot of the ideal tutorial minds inside the academic field, then we’ve been eager to help make contact with you. Become a part of our team and get access to the following benefits.

  • Flexible Operating Hours

Working as a freelancer with EssayPesa, you have full flexibility to work on your own hours, as well as the option to select which assignments you would like to tackle, the ideal place whenever you desire to work, and the volume of work you undertake at any time.

  • Chance to Help People

You’ll be given the opportunity to employ your abilities and knowledge to help and assist other students in finishing their studies and project assignments.

  • Excellent Compensation for Freelance Work

At EssayPesa, we make sure that you will achieve the best compensation for the freelance work that you produce.

  • Do The Projects That Make You Happy

Operate in a stress-free environment, with a flexible schedule, on your time, on the project topics that you like, with the assurance of getting paid the best rates in the industry.

  • Working with a Beneficial Network

Working along with some of the brightest freelance academic minds of today, and learn from their network while at it.  

Who Do We Need?

If you’re attempting to find an outlet to exercise your educational know-how, EssayPesa is the platform that helps you get value from your degree. Our ideal candidate is someone who has years worth of academic knowledge behind them and can easily translate their knowledge into words. Bonus points if you are a graduate from a pre-eminent university from around the globe.

What Tasks Will You Be Executing?

You’ll be helping EssayPesas’ clients with whichever of our solutions fit you best: producing picture-perfect essays and dissertations, modifying and marking college students on their assignments, proofreading their work, being a tutor – or a mix of these. You’ll earn exceptional cash too, you just need to have a functioning connection to the internet, and a laptop — and you can work at whatever time that satisfies you.

How Does it Function?

You simply bid for the topics that you like and once completed, you receive handsome compensation for it. After being approved, you’ll function as a freelance academic provider. You have the full freedom to pick anything that you wish to bid for – from swift $70 assignments to dissertations that run your fees into thousands. At EssayPesa, we promise the best prices in the market, with some of our writers earning upwards of $5500 a month.

What is Your Dedication?

As long as you meet up with your deadlines for completing jobs, you’ll be free to operate to your own schedule. Several of our mentors dwell and perform overseas. Nonetheless, where you wish to work from is up to you solely.