Freelance Academic Writers Wanted in Los Angeles

Do you have a talent for writing and a great love for academic studies? If your answer to that question is a big fat YES, and you currently hold a degree (either at an undergraduate or a postgraduate level) from an acclaimed university then EssayPesa presents you with the perfect opportunity to earn a decent income, on a flexible schedule, while also helping students and academics across the globe!

Established in 2012, EssayPesa is one of the oldest companies in the world to provide real-time writing assistance to students and professionals from across the world. We are a growing team of world-class talented writers that make up some of LA’s most renowned freelance researchers, writers, lecturers, and educators.

We are constantly looking for professionals and individuals who wish to apply and become a part of our growing team. EssayPesa offers freelance work for writers, researchers and professionals who aim to:

  • Work on assignments independently.
  • Work on projects that interest them.
  • Work on their own schedule.
  • Improve individual academic research and writing skills.
  • Earn a decent part-time income while balancing work and family life.
  • Help people by sharing their knowledge and experiences.
  • Improve their knowledge of subjects that interest them.

If you are an academic with outstanding writing abilities in the academic writing space, and you wish to work with many of the best academic figures in the industry, we want to get in touch with you. Become part of our team of freelance writers and benefit from the following benefits:

1. Flexible Workload

You have the freedom to choose your own hours, your own work, your own topics, and your own clients – everything is catered to be exactly as according to your schedule. We offer an extremely flexible schedule so that you can still earn a decent income whilst working on your own time.

2. The Opportunity to Help People

You will have the opportunity to use your knowledge and expertise to support those who need assistance in their research and writing assignments. You can help out a student understand their subjects better with every assignment that you complete.

3. Exclusive Industry Rates

EssayPesa guarantees top-pay for all its professionals. We pay some of the best rates for academic work in the industry for the kind of work that we expect.

4. Projects That You Enjoy

Work for fun in a hassle-free environment, writing about topics that you enjoy, and helping students with their subject knowledge – all while getting paid the best rates for the work that you do.

5. An unparalleled Network

Work with several well-known freelance writers, top academics and researches from their own fields. At the same time, expand your knowledge and network in their company.

Who Are We Looking For?

If you are the product of a great educational construct, with a long history of coaching, academic research, and writing experience to back you, you’re our ideal candidate. We’re also looking for undergraduate or postgraduate degree holders from acclaimed universities who have a background of great academic performance to back them up.

What Would You Be Doing?

You might have accumulated years of data that you could now unlock as an academic writer. With only a stable internet connection and access to writing tools (laptop, keyboard, etc), you can now become a writer, proof-reader, mentor or tutor at ABC – choose any of these professions as per your liking. You can also additionally opt to provide a mix of these services.

How Does The Platform Operate?

It’s a simple process: You bid for a job, complete it, and then receive a payment from EssayPesa. When accepted, you will begin your work as a freelancer. You can choose as many or as little projects as you’d like. At EssayPesa, we pay the top-dollar rate. Some writers make over $5500 per month.

What’s Your Commitment?

Provided that you meet your project deadlines, you can get the job done on your own timetable. Many of our mentors stay and operate overseas – they reside within the mountains, on the seashore, and are constantly on the go. Where you wish to work is wholly your choice. EssayPesa gives you the full freedom and liberty to complete the projects as per your flexibility.