Freelance Academic Writers Wanted in Chicago

Are you a wordsmith and a grammar sleuth who has a knack for well-researched academic write-ups? Bingo, we’ve met our match! EssayPesa is on the lookout to hire academic writers, content developers, and proofreaders who can work on a flexible schedule, on their own hours, on topics of their choosing – with the guarantee of the best pay rate in the industry.

Does this sound like an ideal opportunity for you? Well then, we’d like to have a chat with you to consider you to be a part of EssayPesa. EssayPesa is one of the oldest and leading businesses that provide real-time academic writing services to students, academics and professionals from all across the world. Since we’re a team that’s forever on the rise, we’re constantly on the lookout to add new talents to our team.

Our academic writers hail from some of the best-acclaimed universities in the world and have a proven track record of academic writing that is not only well-researched but also translates nicely on the paper. At EssayPesa, we go above and beyond to give our clients high-quality work, and for the same reason, we also pay our academic writers, proofreaders, and content developers a top-dollar industry rate that is higher than most of our competitors. If this is an opportunity that you believe matches your skills, we’d like to hear more from you.

We at EssayPesa provide the following benefits to our writers:

  • Work with a flexible schedule, and take on projects at your own time.
  • Create write-ups on subject topics that meet your interest.
  • Work anywhere in the world, with full access and liberty to work from home (or any other place of your liking).
  • Improve subject knowledge on topics of interest to you.
  • Opportunity to improve your research and writing skills.
  • Earn top dollar while taking on projects that you love, and topics that you enjoy, while you enjoy a work-life balance.
  • Opportunity to help people improve their academic knowledge, and learn about new subject matters.

At EssayPesa, we provide you with the aforementioned benefits and so much more. So, if you’re ready to join a team of some of the most recognized academic minds of the decade, here is a small guide to help clear all the doubts that you have:

Who Are We Looking For?        

Our ideal candidate is someone who has a rich academic background, with top-notch research and writing skills. We’re looking out for someone who has either an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree from some of the most highly ranked universities in the USA (or maybe even around the world). At the end of the day, it is only your academic writing work that can prove your writing abilities, irrespective of the grades you scored in academics studies — we need writers who can translate their knowledge into words eloquently and concisely.

What Are Your Job Requirements?

You would be required to assist students, academics and professionals in their studies. Depending on the kind of service you wish to enrol for, you would be writing essays, or providing mentorship, or proofreading, or providing tutoring – alternatively, you can also opt to provide a mix of these services. This is an ideal work opportunity for you if you wish to make use of your degree, and earn an income out of it.

How Does It Work?

We work on a bidding system. You bid for the work that you like, complete the project, and earn money from it. You have full freedom to choose the kind of project types and project topics that you like, we put no cap on the number of briefs that you have to complete. Irrespective of whichever project that you choose, we pay the best industry rates for our writers!

What Kind Of Commitment is Expected?

The only commitment that is required is that you complete the work on time – we’re extremely strict about deadlines. We also have strict policies regarding plagiarism. Other than that, you can work from wherever you want, at whatever time you want, on whichever topics you want. Some of our mentors live in the furthest corners of the world, some live near the seashore, the others live on the top of mountains.