Freelance Academic Writers Wanted in Bangladesh

EssayPesa is hiring! We’re on the search to add remarkable academic writers, proof-readers, and content developers to our team. So if this sounds like a job opening you have been waiting for, we would like to get in touch with you.

EssayPesa is one of the powerhouses today when it comes to academic content writing – we offer our clients real-time writing services for all their essays and assignments. Our team is a collective of some of the smartest minds of this generation. We have a community of writers, researchers, proofreaders, mentors, tutors and many other professions – all of whom are some of the talented personalities that are excelling in their respective fields of study today.

Since we’re a brand that is reaching new heights every day, we’re looking for other talents to add to our brand. We offer the perks of a steady work-life balance, flexible working schedule, a rich network of academics, among other perks and benefits.

Does this sound like something that gathers your interest? Well, have a look at some reasons why our writers love us:

  • Flexible working schedule, where you decide what hours you want to operate on.
  • Work that bends for your schedule – we don’t believe in bending your schedule for work.
  • You choose the topics that you wish to write on.
  • We offer you topics based on your areas of interest and expertise.
  • You can work from anywhere in the world, this is a 100% remote freelance working opportunity.
  • You get to help other students and academics from around the world, and build their interest in the subjects that you know and love.
  • While working, you broaden your knowledge about your areas of expertise and gain access to other works of literature.
  • We pay you the best rates in the industry for the work that you do.
  • We become a part of an extremely rich academic network.

Convinced as yet? This does sound like an ideal opportunity but we only have a limited number of positions left, hence we request that you apply at the earliest opportunity. However, before you do, here are some things about EssayPesa’s platform that you should know about before sending in your applications:

Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for the crème de la crème and the best of the best of the academic crowd. Our ideal candidate is someone with a rich academic background behind him, with years of study to back them up – we would also require that you have a degree (we’re entirely okay with either an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree). Not only that, but we wish to get in touch with candidates who have a flair for writing, and quickly understanding subject matters. We wish that you would translate your academic knowledge just as well in words, as you would otherwise.

What Are Our Requirements?

Our only requirement is that you submit the work assigned to you on time. We’re only strict about deadlines, nothing else. The rest of what you wish to do on your own personal time is your lookout. In fact, some of our mentors even stay on beaches, and some live in mountains. As long as you have a steady internet connection and a laptop to work with, it’s good enough for us.

How Does EssayPesa Work?

Our platform is easy enough to navigate. You just have to bid for the work that you wish to work for and once selected, you will receive compensation for your work once you complete it. You can bid for a quick essay writing project or even a dissertation, we put no pressure on the kind of subjects you wish to take or the minimum number of briefs that you wish to complete. Irrespective of the work you do, we pay the best rates in the industry. Some of our writers even earn upwards of lakhs per month.

What Is Expected From You?

Assisting EssayPesa’s clients in completing their project work is your only job responsibility. We have a number of service options that you can choose from – being an academic writer, proofreader, mentor, tutor etc – you can select the job opportunity that aligns best with your skills or you can even take up a combination of these services.