Fair Usage Policy

Our fair usage policy complements our statement of business practice, The EssayPesa Way- our ethics code. Our staff can help you with questions and provide all the necessary assistance.

If you have doubts about our position towards cheating, you can read a note from our Managing Director (HERE).
  • Clients getting a custom model answer from EssayPesa must use this as guide to help them to write their work.
  • Clients must not use the custom model answer that they purchase from EssayPesa as if it were their work.
  • ABC does not supply the copyright for any work that it commissions for its clients.
Guidance on fair use

What is the purpose of a custom essay?

In research, students must perform many readings to carry out their work, which does not always contain relevant information for their studies. They are in different styles and ways that do not provide organized models that aid students with their assignments. Most students need models to help them in the essay writing process, and few tutors offer useful tools as examples. Custom essays try to solve this problem and help students do their homework successfully.

The most effective way to develop cognitive skills and rational thinking is with the help of models. The human being throughout his life uses models to acquire new knowledge. Therefore, the custom model answer is one of the most effective tools to assist students in their research. Questions generally have more than one way of being approached, and the model only offers the student one of the ways to develop their answer. The models can be a starting point. The student does not always use the same method as the model. They will help to find their logic in the research and write their work.

How should I use my custom essay?

Custom essays are models, and you should use them in the same way that you use sources like books and journals that you read on a topic. You must be careful not to plagiarize the researcher’s words, and you must find a way to express your ideas. The ideas and arguments in the model essay are only a starting point for you to elaborate on your own and develop your work. You can use the bibliography used by the researcher as a guide to finding new sources. Most researchers use the “snowball” method, which consists of starting from a known point to locate new readings.

In summary…
  • Read the essay carefully to understand how the researcher answered the question.
  • Develop your ideas and arguments from reading the model answer.
  • Consult the material provided by the answer model and find new material from the sources.
  • Use the essay we provide as a guide to develop your essay and help you in the writing process.
  • Check carefully that your final work is original and is written with your ideas and arguments.
What is plagiarism?

Here are some examples of plagiarism:

  • Use someone else’s words or phrases as your own.
  • Use someone else’s ideas or arguments as your own.
  • Reformulate a source, but keeping the original ideas it contains, without giving due credit.
  • Do not put a quotation in quotation marks and with the proper reference.
  • Copy large sections of someone else’s words, paragraphs, or ideas, even if they are referenced or quoted.
  • Do not use real sources to reference or use false quotes.
  • Use synonyms or similar phrases without changing the sentence structure of a source without giving credit.

These are different forms of plagiarism. These are not all and there may be other definitions.

These ideas match the definitions of most universities, even though some definitions of plagiarism are different

The services that our company offers are not a form of plagiarism, as long as you fulfill the fair use policy.

If I hand in the work without changing it, will I get caught?

The works we provide are not online or uploaded on any website. They are all 100% original and meet all specifications. They cannot be detected by the university, even if it uses a plagiarism scanner.

However, teachers have enough experience to notice when a student is not the author of a paper due to the writing form or the ideas order. If you do not write your essay, you will not argue correctly the ideas it contains. It is a common mistake that students make and one that you should avoid.

Most importantly, if you hand over our researchers’ work as your own, you would be doing plagiarism. Change only words, phrases, or using synonyms would still be a form of plagiarism, as we defined above. The best use of the personalized research we provide you is by following our company’s fair use policy. You should use class notes, readings, and the advice of your tutor to write your work. The benefits of respecting our fair use policy are many. You will learn to do an essay with all the requirements, you will achieve a high grade, and you will have the satisfaction of completed the subject on your own merits.